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Wilgo, vehicle with wheelchair lift, makes your stay in Tokyo comfortable!


Where you wanna explore and visit?

Mt. Fuji & red leaves

Catch seasonal scenery in Tokyo visinities?

Catch seasonal scenery in Tokyo visinities?

Catch seasonal scenery in Tokyo visinities?


Go shopping in Bay area?

Go shopping in Bay area?

Go shopping in Bay area?


Enjoy Japanese cuisine?

Enjoy Japanese cuisine?

Enjoy Japanese cuisine?


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Wilgo is the wheelchair lift equipped accessible vehicle based in Tokyo.

For those who travel on your wheelchair, what is your concern about visiting Tokyo?  Wilgo, the transportation service with the accessible vehicle customized for a passenger on a wheelchair, serves you in moving from airports in Tokyo area to downtown Tokyo and vicinities, as well as in exploring Tokyo area for sightseeing, shopping, restaurants and entertainments and more.

Contact us to get information for you to visit, stay and enjoy your days here in Tokyo area.

Wilgo - Accessible Vehicle

Where is your favorite place to go?
You have various options to go there with Wilgo.

Name of “Wilgo” comes from our will to support anyone who feel anxious about traveling away from home town, and to provide all of you with a way for a wheelchair going to anywhere, and to support your will to go anywhere you want to go. As you will go with your wheelchair, Wilgo serves you to make your will happened!


Mt. Fuji

One Day Tour to Mt. Fuji area

Mt. Fuji perfectly matches the winter scenery of cold air and clear blue skies. The appearance of Mt. Fuji varies ...
Birthday Lunch

Birthday Lunch

15 members of a 3-generation family visiting Japan. The father (grandfather) would be celebrating his birthday in Japan, so we ...
Hyatt Regency Tokyo Bay

Exploring Tokyo

Wilgo supported the family of four, including one on a wheelchair, coming from Indonesia, in exploring Tokyo. In the morning ...



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Year 2024

Three-day weekend in Year 2024

It's a lively holiday season…do you know how many three-day weekends we will have in 2024? There are 10 three-day ...
Opening up the world of welfare

Opening up the world of welfare

Wilgo serves people of all ages, not only for medical clinic visits and hospitalization, but also for going out, traveling, ...
Walking around Yokohama Ports

Walking around Yokohama Ports

Speaking of Yokohama Ports, there are strong images of them as ports where large passenger ships come, such as Osanbashi ...