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Wilgo, vehicle with wheelchair lift, makes your stay in Tokyo comfortable!


Exploring Tokyo with the rental wheelchair.
It’s up to you how you gonna utilize our equipments for your stay.


Wilgo rental wheelchair is compact but durable for your exploring on a street, even on a train, a bus and any other transportations.

Foot rests can be stored to move by your feet, and convenient side pockets for your small items such as a smart phone are available.

The wheelchair can be folded and locked securely, and delivered and returned in customized carrying case.

Weight: 12.3 Kg (27.1 Pounds)
Maximum load capacity(weight of a person on the wheelchair) : 75 Kg (165 Pounds) / 100 Kg (220 Pounds)
* May not be available depending on a type availability.

Portable Ramp

Exploring cities with a wheelchair makes you encountered gaps and uneven roads. Don’t worry! The portable ramp is ready for you.

The ramp can be carried in the bag on the back of the wheelchair for your convenience.

– Length: 72 cm / 28 inches
– Open Width: 80 cm / 30 inches
– Folded Width: 29 cm / 11 inches
– Load Capacity: 300 Kg / 661 lbs
Rental Fee

Days to rent Wheelchair Portable Ramp
1 – 7 Days 3,300 JPY 2,200 JPY
8 – 14 Days 4,950 JPY 3,300 JPY
15 Days – a month 7,700 JPY 5,500 JPY

* Days should be counted including delivery and return days, total two days.
ex) One day in use, One day in delivery and One day in return, so total days to rent is three days.

Delivery and Return fee

Wheelchair Portable Ramp
3,300 JPY 2,200 JPY

・ No shipping or return fees are required if you take a ride on Wilgo from/to somewhere like airport, train station, hotel in Tokyo area.
・ Request a quote for delivering/returning to/from Hokkaido, Kyushu and Okinawa.
・ The return shipping ticket would be included onto the equipments, and no need to fill it out by yourself otherwise your returning condition has no changes.
・ You may be charged additional fees depending on carriers or location you would ship the equipment out by/from.


・ All fees have to be paid via PayPal or major credit cards by Square prior to its delivery.

PayPal|Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, JCB

・ The invoice to be sent to your e-mail address has the link to online payment solution, so please check the details and get it paid.
・ Once all of your payment have been confirmed, your requested equipments and delivery schedule would be secured for you.
Cancelation fee

In the case of cancelation due to your own reasons, the amount you’ve paid would not be refunded, except reasons caused by health problems.