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Wilgo, vehicle with wheelchair lift, makes your stay in Tokyo comfortable!


Here is the list of inquires Wilgo often gets from customers who are planning to ride. Please feel free to contact if you have any other questions.

1. General

Wilgo is the transportation service with the wheelchair lift equipped vehicle. All services are reservation and first-come-first-service basis.

The service by Wilgo is designed for those who are;

elderly people,
people certified as requiring nursing care or support,
people who have difficulty walking due to broken bones or back pain,
people using wheelchairs,
people with disabilities,
people with difficulties on public transport such as trains and buses,
pregrant woman,
and accompanying persons.

This site calls it “Wilgo – Transportation service for wheelchair travelers”, but as mentioned above, even if you do not use a wheelchair, you can use it if you make a reservation in advance.

Please note that due to business license conditions, we cannot accommodate use by only able-bodied people. In addition, when getting the service, either the departure point or the destination must be within Tokyo. A ride within other prefectures, or a ride across other prefectures is not allowed by the license.

If the departure or destination is in Tokyo, we will serve you regardless of the distance. We accept requests such as sightseeing spots, cherry blossom viewing, hot springs, homecoming, visiting graves, etc., conduct necessary research, and propose a plan for you. We will not only pick you up from your home to your hotel or ryokan, but also guide you to sightseeing spots and assist you with wheelchair movement at the site.

Here are some use cases for your reference.

Meals together with people in wheelchairs or outings to memorable places on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, kindergarten admissions & graduations and other milestones in life. If you let us know your requested date, time, place, number of people, etc., we will prepare a proposal to meet your needs.

In addition to surveying and confirming the designated visit location and its surrounding area, Wilgo will make proposals that go beyond simple wheelchair transportation services. Upon request, Wilgo can offer a photo and movie service that records the smiles of the family members who go out to memorable places such as anniversary dinners. In addition, a service that connects distant family members and relatives with online videos is available.

Our drivers, who have lived in the United States for 7 years, will assist wheelchair inbound visitors arriving at Narita and Haneda Airports, as well as assist customers living in Japan in English.
Immediately after arriving in Japan, it may be inconvenient and difficult to connect you to internet with your smartphone, but you can be connected with free WiFi in the cabin, so you can communicate in various ways while traveling to your destination.

Smoking is prohibited inside the vehicle. Please be aware of this in advance.

Yes, you can ride together. If you let us know when you make a reservation, we will adjust the boarding position of your guide dog or service dog, including the seat layout in the cabin.

Although paying close attention to assistance and vehicle driving, Wilgo has the automobile insurance and liability insurance. It covers injuries in unforeseen circumstances while assisting you in moving from the entrance or room of your home to the vehicle, from the vehicle to the facility such as hospitals as well as injuries caused by traffic accident.

However, please be advised that;

2. Equipment

The width of the platform for the wheelchair lift is 765mm (30 inches), and the front-to-rear length is 1,075mm (45 inches). A wheelchair wider and longer than these lift dimensions can not get on. In addition, the front-to-rear length of a wheelchair must include the front footrests and the rear anti-tip bar. Because when the platform moves up and down, the flips on the left and right of the figure below will be raised to prevent the wheelchair from falling down.

In addition, the height of the rear gate opening where the wheelchair lift is installed is approximately 118cm (46 inches), so if the total height of the passenger sitting in the wheelchair exceeds 118cm, it is necessary to take measures such as bending forward. Also, since the ceiling height in the cabin is approximately 130cm (51 inches), so please be aware in advance.

If the size of your motorized wheelchair is larger than the effective length and width of the wheelchair lift platform (figure below), you will not be able to ride.

In addition, the height of the rear gate opening where the wheelchair lift is installed is approximately 118cm (46 inches), so if the total height of the motorized wheelchair when sitting on it exceeds approximately 118cm, you are requested to lean your body forward or to take measures such as reclining the backrest and lowering the overall height only when getting on and off.

Due to these restrictions, a motorized wheelchairs that cannot recline the backrest and exceed 118 cm in total height including the headrest and backrest cannot get on. Also, since the interior height is approximately 130cm (51 inches), please be aware that if a tall person sits on the motorized wheelchair, the head clearance inside the vehicle will be reduced.

Please refer the page that introduces the cases of motorized wheelchairs Wilgo served with so far.

There is usually enough space for one wheelchair. If you let us know in advance, we may be able to accommodate two wheelchairs, depending on the size of the wheelchair.

A standard wheelchair is available free of charge if requested at the time of reservation. If you wish to rent a reclining wheelchair, you will be required to pay a fee (2,200 JPY) for one-way ride.


It is possible to adjust the position of the wheelchair and the passenger’s seat so that it is easier to talk side by side and to assist a person on a wheelchair.

In addition, it’s able to arrange a face-to-face layout or a layout that meets your needs, so please feel free to request in advance.

Standard wheelchair and two captain seats
Standard wheelchair and two captain seats
Reclining wheelchair and two captain seats
Reclining wheelchair and two captain seats
Two captain seats
Two captain seats

The reclining wheelchair with the seat made of highly cushioned material as well as the backrest equipped with a headrest can be reclined can reduce the burden on your head and neck. Depending on your physical condition, you can fold down the backrest and use it as a fully flat bed, too.

If one wheelchair and one passenger are on board, about two normal-sized suitcases can be loaded with plenty of room. However, when a tall person sits in a wheelchair, inconvenience such as reduced head clearance may occur due to the interior height of the cabin is about 130 cm (51 inches).

In particular, if you use a large motorized wheelchair, there may be restrictions depending on its specifications. There is the page that introduces the motorized wheelchairs Wilgo served with so far. Please refer to it.

In the case of one wheelchair or one reclining wheelchair, up to 3 attendants can get on together utilizing the front passenger seat. However, depending on the amount of luggage, etc., there may be restrictions, so please contact us in advance.

The vehicle has a space in the cabin to accommodate the stretcher, but Wilgo does not provide the stretcher itself. Instead, we have reclining wheelchairs that can be reclined almost flat, so they can be used as a stretcher alternative. However, please be aware in advance that there is a charge (2,200 yen) and that the height of the seat (bed surface) cannot be adjusted like a stretcher.

The auxiliary step comes out when the side sliding door is opened, so you can get in and out without worrying about having to raise your legs high to get in and out.

Wilgo does not always have medical equipments etc., but if you agree to bear the equipment usage fee separately, these can be arranged. However, since these require medical acts, they will be operated by a doctor, medical staff, or family member.

3. Fee

Wilgo has the certified taxi meter, which is tested every year by MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism).

Basic Service fee

Each ride requires the Basic Service fee, 1,100 JPY.

Pick up fee

Each reservation requires the pick up fee, up to 730 yen, depending on the distances from Wilgo office to your designated pick up point. If the distance is less than 2 Km (1.24 miles), the pick up fee would be less than 730 yen.

The pick up fee will be included into driving fee on the taxi meter at the destination.

Driving fee

The taxi meter starts working as Wilgo leaves our office to calculate pick up fee. Once passengers get onboard and the vehicle starts, the meter gets into driving mode, adding 90 yen every 280 m (0.17 miles) and/or every 105 seconds if the vehicle moves less than 10 kmh due to traffic situation. The total amount will be displayed on taxi meter located at center console of the vehicle.

Late night and early morning fee

From 10 pm to 5 am, the driving fee would be 20% more.

Assistance fee

This fee may vary as your request of assistance, such as accompanying and taking care of you at your destination. Please ask a quote in advance.


Following credit cards and Electronic payments are acceptable.

– VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Discover
– Apple Pay, Google Pay, Suica, Rakuten Edy, QUICPay, iD, nanaco, WAON
– Rakuten Pay, LINE Pay, PayPay, UnionPay(銀聯), WeChat Pay, Alipay, AlipayHK, Kakao Pay, GCash, EZ-Link Wallet, Touch’n Go eWallet, TrueMoney, Tinaba, NaverPay, TossPay, ChangiPay, OCBC Bank, MPay, Public Bank, HiPay
– more…

Payment Solutions

For a passenger with IC chip embedded credit card of Visa, Mastercard, JCB, please get your own 4 digits PIN ready. American Express, Diners Club, Discover credit card would be swiped in the case of exceeding the amount limit. The transaction details will be emailed if you want. No paper credit card receipt available, although the taxi meter receipt should be issued.

Hourly fee is available as follows;

First one hour: 4,650 yen
Additional every half hour: 2,110 yen

This hourly fee is only applicable for your ride within Tokyo prefecture. If you plan to go outside of Tokyo prefecture, please ask a quote.