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Wilgo, vehicle with wheelchair lift, makes your stay in Tokyo comfortable!

b. Can I ride with a motorized wheelchair?

If the size of your motorized wheelchair is larger than the effective length and width of the wheelchair lift platform (figure below), you will not be able to ride.

In addition, the height of the rear gate opening where the wheelchair lift is installed is approximately 118cm (46 inches), so if the total height of the motorized wheelchair when sitting on it exceeds approximately 118cm, you are requested to lean your body forward or to take measures such as reclining the backrest and lowering the overall height only when getting on and off.

Due to these restrictions, a motorized wheelchairs that cannot recline the backrest and exceed 118 cm in total height including the headrest and backrest cannot get on. Also, since the interior height is approximately 130cm (51 inches), please be aware that if a tall person sits on the motorized wheelchair, the head clearance inside the vehicle will be reduced.

Please refer the page that introduces the cases of motorized wheelchairs Wilgo served with so far.