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Wilgo, vehicle with wheelchair lift, makes your stay in Tokyo comfortable!


Make outing (odekake in Japanese) much easier and comfortable and fun!
That’s whey Wilgo is here for you!

Outing by yourself sounds hard and anxious for those who use a wheelchair. Even if you are to be escorted out, still hard for all to go up and down on steps everywhere in town. WIlgo was established in December, 2017, to assist those who are on wheelchair, impaired physically, and those who have concerns about outing alone, so that all will be able to have fun outing and exciting experience, never felt inside of home.

Here in Tokyo, it’s hard tasks even for Japanese to explore town with wheelchair. It’s not certainly easy tasks for those visiting Tokyo away from your home town. As same as Wilgo provides loco people in Tokyo, Wilgo is eager to support and help all coming to Japan, from airport to accommodation, from hotels to entertainment venues, shopping area, sightseeing spots and more,

Please contact Wilgo to make your plan during your stay much exciting. That’s why Wilgo is here for you!

Who is Wilgo?

Service Nameodekake office.
OwnerJunichi Sumii
AddressNishiogi-kita 5-19-9, Suginami ward, Tokyo, 〒167-0042 Japan
LisenceGeneral Welfare transport business 関自旅二#4559
home caregiver

Privacy Policy

odekake office. complies with following personal privacy policy, acknowledging the importance of protecting personal information.

1. Collecting personal information
Just in order to provide better quality service, Wilgo may collect personal information. These information has to be limited only to achieve better service quality.

2. Maintaining personal information
Collected personal information has to be managed properly and securely, not to be leaked, stolen, modified through illegal asscess by someone malicious. Wilgo will not disclose collected personal information to anyone without the consent by our customers. Additionally, this site is properly maintained not to disclose customers’ information.

3. Purpose of collection personal information
– Providing the details of Wilgo service correctly and properly to customers and potential customers.
– Communicating with customers as needed.

4. Improving our privacy policy
Wilgo will modify and improve our privacy policy in the case that requirements are updated and/or modified.