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Wilgo, vehicle with wheelchair lift, makes your stay in Tokyo comfortable!

Tokyo Racecourse

WIlgo took married couple coming from Isle of Man in United Kingdom where the Isle of Man TT race is held, to Tokyo Racecourse with brilliant fresh green leaves. Two days earlier, they flew into Haneda Airport with 14 hours flight, and they seemed very tired. However, they looked fine with summer-like dressed because of high temperature weather forecast, and leave for the venue in the morning on May 5th.

They have been traveling various countries and locations, not only in Europe but North and South America, Africa and Asian area, and enjoying local sports events. They told Wilgo before they come to Japan that they wanted to watch the NHK Mile Cup this time here in Tokyo.

Isle of Man TT Races

Since the lady uses her wheelchair, they wanted to secure the reserved wheelchair seat in advance, although unreserved wheelchair seats are available at the venue as “first-come, first-serve” basis. The reserved wheelchair seat is good for only one accompanying as well along with a wheelchair guest, and he has to pay only admission fee at the gate.

Reserved Wheelchair seat in B area on 5th floor in Fuji view stand

Reserved Wheelchair seat in C area on 5th floor in Fuji view stand

All tickets for Tokyo Racecourse are on sale only on the website, not only regular seats but wheelchair seats. Everyone is requested to register as the member of JRA (Japan Racing Association) , to purchase tickets, and then to present ticket QR code on your device at the gate. These process are implemented as a measure to prevent the resale of reserved seat tickets. Additionally for the big race like NHK Mile Cup as Grade 1 race, the lottery process is in place before purchasing a seat ticket, and each processes have to be done during the specified period for each race. You are entitled to purchase the ticket after going through “member registration”, “lottery”, “select seat”, if you are a lucky winner of the lottery. On top of these processes, all pages on the website is written in Japanese only, which make very difficult processes for non Japanese people. Please refer how the married couple went through the process successfully on our post to be upload later.

Once they let Wilgo know their success, the pre-confirmation process was initiated in order to research the best and safest drop-off and pick-up locations by calling up Tokyo Racecourse office. The office staffs advised us to stop at the curbside of the main entrance, and then we were heading to the said curbside. However, staffs there told us that please move to the parking #2 because here is not good for wheelchair visitor, so we headed to the parking #2 instead.

The curbside at the main entrance.

The entrance of parking #2.

When the vehicle arrived at the entrance of parking #2, the staffs there had already contacted by ones at the main gate, and navigate us to the elevator hall connected with the upper crossway from the nearest train station to the venue. No parking fees are required for drop-off and pick-up. This location is absolutely convenient and safe for wheelchair visitors, comparing with the curbside which has 2 inches gap between the street and walkway. Because of this, there are parking spots for people with disabilities, etc. Thanks all staffs for kind assistance.

Parking #2
Parking #2

Wilgo left the venue after confirming with our guests to meet at the same location after the races, and then they took the elevator for the venue. Staffs there kindly asked if a pick up would be made, and then when Wilgo got back to the parking for pick up, navigate the vehicle to the location, saying “Welcome back!”

After the main race was done, the wave of visitors were heading to the train station as well as the parking. Among them, the couple came back to the pick up location with smiles. The betting results are secret. They provide with several pictures they took at the venue, and told that were impressed and appreciated with very organized facilities such as a wheelchair seat, rest room, aisles, restaurants as well as very kind and trained staffs. Of course, the races, too!

Three pictures taken by the guest

It’s a good move to implement the measure to prevent the resale of reserved seat tickets, but it’s the downside where the process becomes cumbersome, which we have to live with. Especially for those who are on a wheelchair, they have to go through additional or different ways and processes to get tickets. Additionally for visitors from outside of Japan, they have to deal with language barriers regardless of online or dedicated phone line, which might make them abandoned chances of enjoying events. But we don’t like these situations where disturbs chances. Although these attempts might not be fully successful in some cases, Wilgo tries as much as possible to assist guests in getting a ticket or arranging an itinerary.