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Wilgo, vehicle with wheelchair lift, makes your stay in Tokyo comfortable!

Cashless devices

Wilgo has several cashless devices to accept the payment via your smartphone such as Apply Pay and Google Pay as well as contactless payment with credit cards.

Now here in Japan, major convenience stores have implemented cash registers welcoming smartphones and contactless payment with credit cards. For your convenience as well as to reduce chances of handing off the physical credit card or cash in order to prevent from transferring some viruses on them, Wilgo has also implemented these devices as well. It’s very important precautions in COVID-19 era.

What is the contactless payment with credit card? Check if your credit card has the icon on it looks like WIFI icon.

Contactless payment credit cards with VISA and Mastercard brands look like followings;

Although Japan is categorized as the advanced country, payment by cash is still the major solution. As smartphones become a must item in all area, cashless payments are getting popular, and QR code payment such as PayPay is now available at many papa-mama stores. However, visitors to Japan have difficulties to enroll and install them on your devices. In this situation, smartphones with Apple Pay and Google Pay are powerful enough now.

Along with credit cards and smartphones, following payment solutions are also available on Wilgo.

Payment solutions