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Barrier-free in the Onsen

Not only in Japan but in everywhere worldwide, Hot Spas (Onsen in Japanese) have been a one of elements in Wellness-Tourism. Here in Japan, Barrier-free Onsen facilities get more popular than before, which provide elderly people and wheelchair users in various reasons with the opportunities of enjoying Onsen. Yaesu Company Limited has the expertise in rehabilitation equipments for medical and care facilities for many years, and develops a barrier-free bath unit under the slogan “Barriere-free for Onsen”. * The site linked here is in Japanese only….

The barrier-free bath Unit named ”Heartful Premier” is designed for facilities such as hotels and care houses. The bath tab with ascending and descending bottom embedded into the full flat floor, so that wheelchairs can be smoothly get into and out from the bath tab. Please take a look the video below. although English version is not available.

As you know, there are various types of barrier-free baths, such as a normal bath tab along with a hoist, a bath tab along with a wheelchair lift, etc. This Heartful Premier is easy and convenient not only for ones on a wheelchair but also family members and caregivers.

Let me introduce one of Onsen Hotel located in very famous Onsen resort area, “Izu Shimoda”. Shimoda Yamatokan renovated one of rooms several years ago, and installed Heartful Premier into that room, where you can get an ocean view from an accessible Onsen bath. This room also has full flat floors, powered reclining beds and spacious powder room.

Obviously, it’s not a good timing to visit Japan or travel around due to COVID19. However, everyone wants to enjoy traveling and exploring unknown location, culture and foods. Wilgo is expecting to serve any of you coming to Tokyo and support your transportation and stay at Onsen resorts in near future.