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Wilgo, vehicle with wheelchair lift, makes your stay in Tokyo comfortable!

Early Check-out

In this year 2023, Cherry blossoms in Tokyo have been bloomed relatively long period, even though we had chilly days in that period. Most of the cherry trees have sprouted young leaves in the past few days. Our guests from UK who enjoyed spring days here in Japan leave the hotel in early morning, 6 am today, so that they can secure enough time to check-in with the electric wheelchair at Haneda Airport.


Sutecaces filled with souvenirs, standard wheelchair as a reserve for the powered wheelchair. Wilgo come to pick our guests with the cabin seats arrangement which can accommodate the powered wheelchair and luggages, depending on the situations of the guests. Even though our guests get tired with long trip, they looks taking all memories of spring days here in Japan, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Kochi, Miyazaki and Kagoshima back with them, and their flight heads to London.

Wilgo asks our guests several questions, in order to serve our guest in appropriate manners and meet their requests. Once a travel plan comes to your mind, contact Wilgo to brush up your plan and get better service by Wilgo.